Black Turmeric

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Our Black Turmeric is the largest, deepest Blue color, and the most potent of any in the State of Hawaii and probably the World. We have the largest crop ever and should have until well into June.

Black turmeric is currently helping many people breathe better. It is being used as an inhalent, poultice, or tea. Some customers have reported chest congestion relief after two days of using the Black Turmeric as an inhalation therapy. Overall, Black Turmeric has been used successfully for any respiratory issues.


10 lb Box: $200

Black Turmeric is the new kid on the block in the world of Turmeric. Curcuma caesia is a rare and endangered species of Turmeric according to some Indian sources.

Most agree it is very good as an aid for any respiratory ailments and can be made into a poultice for application to the chest or any sore joints.

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Weight 10 lbs

10 lb


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