From The Heart And Soil Of The Big Island


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The FINAL Roundup: 2020-2021 COVID Crops

  • The above picture is the last agricultural canvas I will be painting in this local. Pictured is ABSOLUTELY the largest and most likely deepest BLUE of any Black Turmeric I have ever grown.The top growth is head high and "full canopy" was achieved.
  • COVID forced us to plant later than usual and the Red did not fare as well. However, it is quite potent but a bit smaller than usual.

If you require ginger or turmeric root crops and you VALUE:

  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC by Where Food Comes From Organic, 202 6th St. #400, Castle Rock, CO, 80104
  • Superior rare cultivars of Hawaiian Red Turmeric (Curcuma longa) as well as Black Turmeric (Curcuma caesia)
  • Grown in nutrient rich volcanic deep soil, Hamakua coast on the big island
  • Roots flown priority overnight from our field to your front door within 72 hours of harvest at peak freshness
  • A farm-direct relationship with the actual grower
  • A small family farm with over 40 years of cultivation experience
Young Ginger available now

Looking for something else?

Pinner Creek Organics is always searching for new crops to diversify. If you know any person that has a specific need for talented growers with a wonderful year-round tropical climate, please email us. We love to grow new things for the sake of variety!! - Ginger Dean

Featured on Discovery Channel!

We were featured on the Discovery channel's premier cooking show "Epicurious" in 2000. The anchor piece of this meatless cooking episode was our Hawaiian organic ginger. Various phases of cultivation and harvest of this delicacy are shown.


Cathy Youtkus

Your turmeric powder is divine, and unlike any that I have tasted yet. I have no doubt of its potency, and look forward to the health benefits. The taste is so sweet, and I knew it was the real deal when it stained my toothbrush unlike any turmeric I've had in the past. You are my new source! Thank you for the prompt delivery. I wish you well in your business. I think some ginger is in order next. I used to go to the Kamuela Farmer's Market and buy whole, fresh ginger every week.

Bob Comm

Received the turmeric today. Looks and tastes great! Thank you for the very nice turmeric and fast shipping! The stuff at the health food stores is not nearly as fresh or deep orange and tasty as yours. Whole Foods turmeric was around $12.00 per LB last time I purchased some. I need a bigger freezer so next time I can order enough from you to last me a year!

Sylvia Anderson

I placed order for my Sister, Espanita, who is dealing with breast cancer. She was diagnosed yesterday with stage 4, the cancer returned. I am sending her the turmeric because I know its power to heal. It is my prayer that she will juice and get the benefit Of its healing virtue. Thank you for being here for those of us who need your product.

J Lu

Ginger is of excellent quality, thank you so much. Delivery was made within a few hours after plane landed, ginger still feels chilled to the touch. A+ rating from beginning to end.

Amy Oak

The turmeric I received from you was the finest I have ever seen. You sent me some large and medium-large roots. I made most of it into tincture with the organic alcohol had left and fermented the rest, blended with ginger, lemon, and black pepper. The tincture is a deep, red-orange, the ferment is bright, almost neon orange. Such powerful healing! My partner and l, both just a year and less-than a year out from treatment for breast cancer, know that this herb is the pathway to a long, healthy life. We deeply appreciate the farming you do and the quality of your product.