About Us


We have rare cultivars of ginger, turmeric and taro unavailable in supermarkets and many health food stores. They are shipped farm-direct.

Nestled at the base of majestic Mauna Kea lies a sleepy little ex-sugar cane growing area in upper Hilo called Kaumana. This is where we process all of our farm products. Our roots are grown in the nutrient-rich, reddish clay loam with the consistency and texture of ground coffee. The growing locale is Honomu on the Hamakua coast of the big island.

This is the home of PINNER CREEK ORGANICS and the world's finest CERTIFIED organic medicinal root crops. The founder, Dean Pinner, has over 40 years ginger-growing experience and has personally produced over a million pounds of ginger root.

Since 1995, Pinner Creek Organics has been raising crops in accordance with the National Organic Act of 1990. Our farm is certified by the International Certification Services.

In essence, we are dedicated to raising our crops without any chemical insecticides, herbicides or fertilizers. We employ sound cultural practices that insure the quality of our products and the preservation of our fields for the benefit of future generations. We pull, cut or burn weeds to avoid using poison.

We are a small family farm that does ALL of the work. As you may know, farming root crops organically is a labor-intensive act of love. We sincerely hope you enjoy our products and we would love to hear from you. We gladly welcome any comments, suggestions or new recipes. Aloha from the Pinner Ohana.