Powdered Red Turmeric


THE NEW CROP OF POWDER IS NOW AVAILABLE. We have maintained last years price despite rising costs, so stock up quickly as it will go fast. The 4 Oz.($55)unit is a 60 day supply for one person. We also have 1 lb units.($200)

Turmeric is used as an ingredient in many mixed spice assortments found in most supermarkets. It is also used as an orange dye. Many use it as a home remedy to aid in reducing inflammation that is present in people with Osteoarthritis, Diabetes, Cancer, and other chronic disease. Most agree it should be taken with freshly ground black pepper (piperine) to increase bio availability. Coconut oil or lechitin also works.

We also recommend removing powder from the plastic and storing in a glass jar for the long term. Freezing weekly portions maintains freshness the best. You may need to break up the powder when removing from vacuum sealed plastic.

Suggested Daily Dose is 2 grams Dried, approx.1/2-1 level Teaspoon Daily.

Most take for 2-3 weeks before benefits begin for most people. Should be available on the website update which is forthcoming.

Ingredients: 100% Local Organic Red Turmeric. No additives.


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Weight 4 lbs

4 oz, 1 lb


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