Fresh Baby Ginger

Pink and white succulent flesh excellent for pickles or juicing. Less fiber than mature ginger.


LAST CHANCE FOR YOUNG GINGER: The pink and white is giving way to a brown mature skin.  Currently it is approaching semi mature. However it is still less hot and fibrous and excellent for juicing and pickling! Throw some in your turkey to kick the flavor up a notch! Full maturity is around Jan 15th. HURRY!

We have a limited amount of baby White Ginger grown this season available.

Young White(Chinese variety)Ginger is harvested at 4 months with extra labor and low yield. It will be pink and white, low in fiber, and is less hot than mature ginger. Excellent for juicing, crystallized ginger, or pickling. Prices include shipping in the USA in most cases. E-mail for an exact quote along with your mailing details. Unless you live “in the sticks” shipping is included. We have 10 or 30 lb. boxes available. Prices include Fedex 2nd Day Air in most USA States. East Coast ships only Mon/Tuesday. Local deliveries are $100.

Mainland deliveries are: Blame gas prices, fuel surcharges, or Putin for price increases. We have not raised prices in a very long time. sorry!

10lbs $150

30 lbs $400

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Weight 1030 lbs

10 lb, 35 lb


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