Black Turmeric Powder

The Black Turmeric powder comes in 4 ounce units that is ground fine , vacuum packed, and kept frozen until shipping. It arrives in a fresh aromatic condition. It should be refrigerated to insure a long term shelf life.


We have a very limited amount of Black Turmeric Powder.  Curcuma Caesia is a rare and endangered variety known for its beneficial effects on respiratory issues and joint pain.  Root powder is normally applied in poultices.  Fresh root can be crushed and boiled and used  as an inhalation remedy for asthma or chest congestion. Units are 4 Oz. Powder can also be consumed in teas and in smoothies.

We use only hand selected large rhizomes for our powdering. They are processed fresh, sliced ,dehydrated at low temperatures(130F). Once lowered to 8-10% moisture content, it is vacumn packed at peak freshness which preserves an awesome aroma and potency.

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Weight 4 lbs


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