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Organic Kava Products

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Fresh/Frozen Kava (mixed roots, no above ground parts) 5, 10 lbs


Kava-Kava (Awa)

We have a number of Hawaiian varieties including Moi, Hene, Spotted Hiwa, and Mahakea. Kava is a 3 year crop as it takes a minimum of 2 years for the kava lactones to develop to an adequate strength within the lateral roots. At last testing, the kava lactone content was 9-12%. No Kawa leaves or stems are used in any of our Kawa products.

Harvested organic kava is usually sold at $25/lb as:

  1. Fresh/Frozen - The root is chopped into pieces with lateral roots attached, washed, drip dried and frozen.


Price includes FedEx 2nd Day in most cases in USA.